Virginia Barratt is a widely published doctoral candidate, studying at the Writing and Society Centre of Western Sydney University.

Ashley Haywood is a writer, researcher and poet with both critical and creative works published in Australia and overseas. She is the inaugural UQ Fryer Library Creative Writing Fellow, and holds a PhD in creative research. 

Nick Taylor is a PhD candidate in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University. He is exploring more-than-human becomings as a creative response to the material and epistemic crises associated with the Anthropocene.

Writing with Swamp: an E-co[|]lab Mani-fe[a]st[o]

This manifesto is a feast and distillation, a momentary concretisation or sedimentation. Virginia Barratt, Ashley Haywood and Nick Taylor are a sprawling swamp-writing collaboration. We have been writing together since 2015.

We take the following concepts as starting points: Mary-Beth Dempster’s proposition of sympoiesis; complex evolving semiotic-material systems; and resistance to the ‘anaerobic’ nature of lone authorship. We believe we are always writing-with in life.